Top 5 best fashion dress up games for girls

Top 5 best fashion dress up games for girls
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Top 5 best fashion dress up games for girls – If it’s a light-hearted person and loves the same game series, then maybe this would be the right game for girls, because in this game it’s aimed at players who need to know what to do. What the combination of colors together to make the face of the makeup to be the most beautiful and now I would like to introduce to you the latest beauty and dress up games for girls fashion that girls Can be downloaded and played on the phone itself.

Top 5 best fashion dress up games for girls

  1. Make a Lovely Girl

This is a pretty good dress up games that people want to try out, because it will help you get the best tips and experience in life, you will know how to makeup yourself in life. day, not only in the game, with the Dress Up Girl, of course, players will begin to practice color mixing, color matching and the combination of other things together. like, hair, jewelry and costumes.

Top 5 best fashion dress up games for girls

Top 5 best fashion dress up games for girls

In this game you will be transformed into an anime dress up games character, as a simple princess and country princess, but due to the need to attend a very important party, you need to make makeup for the princess. so beautiful and splendid to the body, to help her stand out in the crowd of the party that day.

Overall, this is a very simple game, but there are skills and talents that can play to the end of the block, if you can, then please try this game for the phone to attend. Advance first. The game now has a very high number of players, more than 5 million people on the android, you see how it is.

  1. Fashion Star 360Mobi

A Chinese game, but given the style and style of the game from Japan, whereby you will be a professional staff, who make makeup for the other very famous, in addition to this game you Need to do that is to coordinate different wear so that the main character has the most beautiful beauty.

At present, this is the most exciting mobile game in Vietnam, as well as it is the product that VNG brought about with the theme and new play, which has attracted a large number of players to come. from everywhere. Coming to this game, you will experience the work of a designer, dictator, makeup, generally a busy but exciting and challenging job, as this is an online game, so you will Being connected from people together, every time a new set of products, you will be able to share, show your friends.

So here you will find Fashion Star is not just a game like the other games out there, but here you will learn real valuable experience to be able to get more knowledge. and beautify yourself.

  1. Wedding Makeup Salon – Make up for the bride

This is a makeup game for the bride, a nice game that is very familiar to everyone, in the wedding dress up games game you will serve the characters preparing for the wedding or the bride, in which You need to do your normal work that is makeup with young girls, so that they are as beautiful as possible.

Wedding Makeup Salon - Make up for the bride

Wedding Makeup Salon – Make up for the bride

In addition to the beauty of the face, hair, you need to beautify the fingers as well as the legs, in addition to the hair also, along with that is the clothes, skirts … shoes are you coordinated to multiply The main thing is pretty comprehensive. In the game, it will bring you a clothing shop with thousands of different clothes, as well as beauty tools up to 70 different sets.

The difference in this game is that the player will be able to play offline and online, which in offline that you will not need 3G or wifi at all, just open up yourself to do everything, also like playing smoothly, without fear of lag.

  1. Princess Makeup Salon – Make up for the princess

Help the beautiful princess more beautiful every day because the princess is preparing to attend the largest festival of the year. This time you are the fashion designer! Help the princess Dress up beautiful and the best, in the style of the royal.

Some of the features are in this game

Choose a beautiful girl you like

You will be able to: shampoo, steamer, facial Spa

Cosmetics and decorative items

Wear good clothes, photographed with colorful background. And one thing that everyone would love is that, this is a totally free game for girls and kids!

  1. Princess Salon 2 – Fashion Beauty for girls

Make the best of the noble princesses with our Games! Here you can make spa, make up and beauty for the four elegant girls in the game Veronica, Gracie, Leslie and Loretta, because these girls are going to meet the prince and you need to do them. Can attract the eyes of the handsome prince guy.

Actually, this is a game with the same theme with 4 titles, but talk about beauty, this will be the best game that you have ever seen, but unfortunately one thing is that this game is English, not yet. Support Vietnamese, as well as not have the Vietnamese version, in addition, this product is quite quality. When the game has very good graphics, you will see the most colorful colors and meet the most beautiful, cute.

Top 5 best fashion dress up games for girls
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