Top 7 best fashion games in the world today

Top 7 best fashion games in the world today
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Top 7 best fashion games in the world today – Are you looking for a fashionable game to play and satisfy your passion for fashion? Let’s have fun with 7 Top Games and discover the 7 best fashion games in the world today and find your answer!

Top 7 best fashion games in the world today

1 / Fashion Story

When you first enter Fashion Story, you will feel like you are in a shopping paradise with so many fashion choices.

This mobile game allows the girlfriend to show off her style, personality, dress by choosing the most fashionable outfit, from clothes, bags, shoes, glasses. , and even makeup.

With many attractive features such as customizable and selectable clothing, hair styles and accessories; decorate and design fashion to your liking; Visit your friend’s shop to help, share experiences and give free gifts.

2 / Game Star Girl: Beauty Queen

With Star Girl fashion game, you play as an aspiring celebrity is set to build his career as a superstar while having a ton of fun on the go.

Game Star Girl: Beauty Queen

Game Star Girl: Beauty Queen

In Star Girl game, you have the appearance, but it takes a long time for you to become a star. Work hard to make it to the top, and you can even find yourself on the cover. of the most popular fashion and lifestyle magazines.

Try to reach the top of the table and stand out on the fashion pages. Evaluate the participants of the other contest for the performance or self-competition in the same performance, to get the highest number of votes for the crown!

3 / Fashion Icon

Fashion Icon is a fashion game for ladies extremely attractive. You are in Paris, you are ready to make the fashion capital city fascinated with your own style. You will have the life you dream of in Fashion Icon.

Game Fashion Icon is a chance for you to enjoy the passion, you will play as a beautiful girl to a country romantic, romantic and poetic, it is the city of Paris – where there are countless sets. beautiful wings shimmer sky.

Join the game Fashion Icon – Fashion icon you will be traveling around the city, admire, admire the beautiful and the biggest is that you go shopping, get to the largest shopping mall In fashion, you are wearing the costume that you have never dreamed of.

Game Fashion Icon will bring you to the magnificent space, to the majestic, elegant, noble and very mode. Desire, want to be a member, work in a professional environment as Fashion Icon, but first of all, you need to know the fashion, so the first thing you will be Take a tour, go to the shops, supermarket fashion to grasp the current fashion trends.

On the trip, you’ll meet new friends and know where you will find your half here.

However, the game also takes you into the showbiz world filled with mysterious, positive and negative also. You need to complete all the fashion tasks that the game offers to get to the end of the story.

4 / Star girl

The name of this fashionable game is to say what part of it, you will take on the role of a promising star, trying to build up his career as a superstar with a series of other games in the past. Become a celebrity.

Star girl

Star girl

In this game you will become a female star, you will experience the work such as fashion shopping, dating, meeting … This is considered a pretty interesting game, The image as well as the fashionable patterns in the game are also very distinctive.

You have a standard look, but only that can not become a true star. You need to show your full potential as well as your career skills to reach that goal.

That’s what you have to do when you play the fashion game for ladies, you will transform into a star like real life, to help friends, dating the hot boys in the street to find. the most perfect person.

5 / Fashion Boutique

This fashionable game is about Maya, a girl who always dreams of working in the fashion world. After graduation, she did many different jobs in a large company, with the promise that her name would be known.

Finally Maya was noticed by the boss, and she could not believe that her life was on a new page.

Presented in artistic graphics, with many beautiful cut scenes, you are the writer of the story of Maya girl passionate about art.

The options in this fashion game will gradually take you to the climax of the game, when two different paths to choose – private life or Maya’s career.

6 / Jojo’s fashion show 2: Las Crues

Jojo’s fashion show 2: Las Cruces is a fashion game that many people praised. JoJo and Rosalind join the game on the stylish fashion line from L.A to Berlin.

With this fashion game, you can create stylish, attractive and lively fashion that will make your fashion show around the world even more splendid.

If you love fashion games, do not miss Jojo’s fashion show 2: Las Cruces!

7 / Covet Fashion

Covet Fashion is considered the leading fashion game on the mobile platform. Covet Fashion leads your girlfriend into a lavish and splendid fashion world, where you can comfortably dress yourself in the finest outfits, trendy hairstyles and shopping without the worry of price!

Do you love fashion and beauty? So do not miss the chance to play Covet Fashion for free on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Join millions of other fashion enthusiasts to discover the hottest styles and find the right one for you.

In Covet Fashion, you can satisfy your shopping addiction, design your own outfit and mix with the skills of a professional stylist!

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Top 7 best fashion games in the world today
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